Frequently asked Questions


Are guests allowed to smoke inside cabins?

Are there wheelchairs available for senior citizens and differently abled guests?

Is food permitted inside cabins?

Are there Halal food option on board the cruise ship?

Are there inter-connecting rooms available?

Do mini suite cabins come with 4 berths?

What is the size of suite’s balcony?

How many swimming pools are there on board?

Am I allowed to bring packaged foods/snacks/tuck on board?

Is this cruise ship couple friendly?

What are the embarkation timings?

Will lunch be provided if I report 4 hours early?

Are pets allowed on board?

If my child is below 6 months of age, can I bring him/her onboard?

Am I allowed to carry baby food onboard?

What if my child is 26 months old, is he/she allowed onboard free or is it chargeable?

If a lady is pregnant, she’s is 24 weeks is she allowed?

What is the boarding pass for?

Are Hookah's/ Sheesha’s available on board?

What is the cancellation policy?

If I cancel my cruise before 60 days, will I get 100% refund?

What is Cordelia Academy?

Is free drinking water available in the cabins?

Can I bring along extra bottles of water with me?

My visa is expiring within 6 months. Can I travel?

What does the price of my cruise include?

I am a single traveler, will the prices be different for me?

What is not included in the cruise fare?

What is the minimum age for purchasing or consuming alcohol on the Cruise?

Is there an official dress code guideline followed onboard for pools, public areas, casinos, and fine dining restaurants. Is National/traditional attire permitted onboard?

What are the timings for the onboard Casino and bar?

Will I need to carry my own luggage to my cabins during embarkation and disembarkation? Will porterage be provided during sailings?

Casino chips can be purchased onboard using Credit Card, Charge Cards or cash? All cards accepted VISA/Master?

What are the prices of onboard wifi packages? What is the costing of my onboard wifi, and what is the speed like?

What are smoking regulations?

Can I pay for expenses using cash onboard ?

What are the Visa Requirements For Sri Lanka?

What are the Safety Measures for COVID 19?

What destinations can I take a cruise to?

Are there any restrictions on what I cannot bring onboard?

What is the Luggage Policy?

Port Information

Is Web-Check In Madatory?

What happens if I fall ill while onboard the cruise?

What should I do incase I lose my access card?

What Currency can we use onboard ?

Would there be any language barrier faced on board?

Are there shopping options onboard?

How to book shore Excursions?

What is the minimum size for a group?

Are laundry services available on board?

Do you'll have an itinerary/events schedule to guide us, which show/ activity is happening when?

Can I upgrade my stateroom category onboard?

Are beverage packages available onboard ?

Can guests bring aerial drones onboard?

What travel documents are required to bring onboard?

Is Jain food available?

Are Spa facilities included in my package?

What are the Disembarkation Process?

What do I do in case I forgot a belonging on board?

Am I allowed to carry my medicines on board?